We have high- technology equipment, basic parts of which are:

  • SIX Laser TS - Low-energy laser therapy, produced by Atlantis
  • Diode laser Doctor Smile – Dental D5, produced by LAMBDA Scientifica SPA.
  • lLaser YSGG Waterlase MD, produced by BIOLASE Technology, Inc.

The laser is a versatile and can be used to:

  • surgery;
  • whitening;
  • Periodontal therapy, including deep periodontal pockets (7 mm);
  • fillings;
  • treatment of sores and herpes;
  • gingivectomy;
  • treatment of temporo mandibular joint;
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment);
  • extension of a clinical crown;
  • correction of the smile;
  • hyper sensibility'
  • scaling;

You are in a good hands....