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Dispensary of individual practice for primary medical help in dental and laser medicine “Rumident-94” has taken care of your smiles for more than 18 years. We have thousands of patients proud of their smile.

Our Clinic

We try to know You before Your teeth because You’re not just the next patient, but a person who needs help and special attitude. Our approach includes understanding and attention and we try to make Your tay in the office calm and painless. We not only heal but we also explain the cause of the issue and give advice on what to change in Your mouth hygiene and Your lifestyle so that You can prevent its repetition.

The treatment of the teeth is a mutual process between a dentist and a patient. That’s why it’s important that we explain each stage of the care we provide for Your dental comfort in comprehensible language as well as getting feedback for the applied treatment. Our dental centre has a team of qualified specialists. We can offer professional diagnostics and treatment with warranty for the services we do.

The use of laser in dental medicine is replacing the conventional methods more and more because of its indisputable advantages:

Laser can be applied to all patients and it is very comfortable for children as well as adults;
Laser treatment is painless, safe, fast and effective;
Bleeding is decreased to its minimum. In most of the cases the manipulations are completely bloodless;
Anesthetic is not necessary;
There’s no postoperative pain or numbness;
There’s no pressure, warming or vibrations;

You are in a good hands....