For Bulgaria

The choice of Bulgaria as destination for dental tourism is a combination of relaxing holiday, fabulous nature pictures and exceptional professional dental service on surprisingly low prices.

Tourism is well developed and important branch of Bulgarian economics. Nature has gifted Bulgaria with conditions for both amazing mountain ski resorts and sunny coastal resorts, offering quality, equal to the most luxurious touristic destinations in Europe.

Due to the geographical location and the historical heritage of our country You can enjoy here the unique traditional kitchen, which includes influence from Greece and Turkey. Bulgarians are very warm, hospitable and friendly people. Most of them speak English and would be glad to help You.

Those who like sightseeing will be impressed by the ancient fortresses and the various archaeological finds from the time of the great military leaders, spectacular battles and whole empires which left their imprint on the strategically important lands of Bulgaria.

Other natural resources, attractive to the tourists, are the hot mineral springs throughout the country, which are said to have healing and rejuvenating properties.

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 335,000 citizens. It's called "Sea capital" because it's the largest city on Black Sea in Bulgaria. It also is a base of the naval and merchant marine authorities in Bulgaria.

Among the many attractions in Varna you can see:

Varna Archaeological Museum;
Roman Baths;
Maritime Museum;
Ethnographic Museum;
Sea Garden.

The most famous exhibits in the Archaeological museum are the finds from the so-called "Varna gold", which are considered the oldest gold artifacts in the world.

The maritime climate along the coast is characterized by warm, sunny days from May to October. The air temperature is 83F (28C) on average, and the sea water temperature varies - 77F (23-25C). The most humid months are June, October and December. The winter is cold, although it’s milder than inland, where there is heavy snowfall.

The International Varna Airport connects the city with 35 countries and 101 cities worldwide. The city is well connected with the rest of Europe with international E-road network with E70. Varna has direct air, rail and bus connections to Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria.

You are in a good hands....